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    Free Logo Maker

    Instantly generate font-based logo options, edit without limitations. Trendy solutions. AI-powered, try it for FREE!

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    Thousands of elements: fonts, graphics, ideas etc.Thousands of elements:
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    Need a brand name?
    Use our free AI name generator

    Logos made by our users

    Examples of logos created using our free logo maker



    Emblem for Georgian restaurant
    Viva la Firenze

    Viva la Firenze

    Logo for cafe, pastry shop, bakery


    Logo for tik-tok blogger
    Beautiq Blog

    Beautiq Blog

    Logo for youtube blogger
    Bokeh Star

    Bokeh Star

    Logo for photo studio


    Logo for a children's toy store


    Logo for manicurist


    Logotype for ethno clothing store

    Design your logo quickly!

    Need a brand name?
    Use our free AI name generator

    How does it work?


    The first step

    Enter your business name, then choose the appropriate logo style. If you prefer a more emotional logo, go for the “Sweet” or “Kids” style. If you're aiming for versatility, choose "Modern." And if you're feeling nostalgic, we recommend “Vintage”!

    Choose the Mood Colors!

    Universal colors in a logo typically feature rich and pure shades widely embraced by many brands. If you aim to emphasize the elitism, uniqueness, and exclusivity of your product, opting for black and white tones is a foolproof choice.

    If highlighting the natural essence of your product or creating an atmosphere of coziness and tranquility is your goal, then a pastel color palette is the way to go. Nevertheless, the choice is yours, and for special occasions, there's even the 'Crazy' palette!


    Customize and Free Download

    Our editor allows you to experiment with fonts, shapes, and layout, ensuring that your logo aligns seamlessly with your brand message. Want to convey exclusivity? Fine-tune your logo with intricate details. Craving simplicity? Streamline it with clean lines and minimalistic elements.

    Customize fonts, colors, and styles to create an ideal representation of your logo. Experiment freely, iterate endlessly, and elevate your brand presence instantly!

    Take advantage of the free download offer now!

    Top 10 Criteria for Effective Logo Design

    Font-based logos and background graphics scale seamlessly and offer maximum versatility. Further details are provided below:

    1. Memorability

    A successful logo should be easily memorable, allowing it to leave a lasting impression on viewers. A combination of distinctive fonts and complementary background graphics enhances memorability.

    2. Simplicity

    Keep the design simple and avoid unnecessary complexity. Font-based logos with background graphics should convey the brand message clearly without overwhelming visual elements.

    3. Versatility

    Ensure that the logo looks good and is easily recognizable across various mediums, including print, digital, and merchandise. \nA versatile design allows for consistent branding.

    4. Timelessness

    Aim for a design that stands the test of time. Avoid trendy elements that may become outdated quickly. Classic fonts paired with timeless graphics contribute to a logo's longevity.

    5. Relevance

    The logo should align with the brand's values, industry, and target audience. The use of appropriate fonts and background graphics helps convey the intended message and resonate with the audience.

    6. Scalability

    A well-designed logo should be scalable without losing its visual appeal. Whether it's displayed on a small business card or a large billboard, the logo should maintain its clarity and impact.

    7. Uniqueness

    Stand out from competitors by creating a unique logo. Combining distinctive fonts with custom background graphics sets your brand apart and makes the logo more patent-friendly.

    8. Consistency

    Maintain consistency in color, typography, and graphic elements. A consistent logo reinforces brand recognition and builds trust among consumers.

    9. Adaptability

    Consider how the logo will adapt to different color schemes and backgrounds. Font-based logos with background graphics should be adaptable to various contexts while maintaining their essence.

    10. Legal Considerations

    Utilizing font-based logos with background graphics provides a unique and patent-friendly approach. This helps in avoiding potential trademark issues, as the focus is on custom design elements rather than relying solely on symbols or trademarks.

    Design your logo quickly!

    Need a brand name?
    Use our free AI name generator

    Frequently asked Questions:

    Do I have ownership of my logo design?

    We transfer of full rights for personal and commercial use to the extent permitted by the applicable law. You can try to register the logo as a trademark. If you seek a legally binding trademark and wish to safeguard your logo from unauthorized usage by others, we recommend reaching out to the copyright/trademark office in your country for further guidance.

    How to download the logo?

    You can use the free plan and download the logo instantly, but only once. After upgrading to a paid plan, you can download the files from the website immediately after payment. The download button will turn golden.

    Is it free?

    Yes, we have a free plan! You can download any logo for free

    What is a vector format?

    A vector format of a logo refers to a file format that uses mathematical equations to define the shapes, lines, and colors of the logo. This format allows the logo to be scaled to any size without losing quality or clarity. On our service, you can obtain the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and PDF (Portable Document Format, a universal format).

    Why choose Logowski Logo Maker?

    On our service, we utilize simplistic icons with a focus on the typography aspect of the logo, making it more unique. This approach also facilitates easier trademark registration and ensures greater versatility in its usage.

    What is the PNG format with a transparent background?

    PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is a popular raster image format that supports lossless compression. It is commonly used for graphics and logos on the web. PNG files can have a transparent background, which means that the areas of the image that are marked as transparent are not displayed, allowing the background to show through. This feature is useful when you want to overlay the image on different backgrounds without any visible borders or backgrounds interfering with the overall design.

    What is the best website to make a logo for free?

    Certainly, we believe that our logo maker is the best :) It creates adaptive logos that you can effectively use on any platform: websites, business cards, social media, etc.

    How can I create a logo for my brand for free?

    On our website, there is an option to create and download a logo for free.

    Is free logo design really free?

    Yes, indeed, it's free. However, we also offer a paid but highly advantageous plan. By using it, you can get the complete set of files, including vector formats, that you might need.

    How do I legally own a logo?

    On our website, you can create a logo suitable for patenting. Register your trademark to protect your ownership.

    How can I make my own logo without design skills?

    Our website is designed in such a way that you can easily and effortlessly obtain a logo without any design knowledge.

    What makes a good logo?

    A good logo is simple, memorable, timeless, versatile, appropriate and distinctive. Font-based logos serve as evidence: Samsung, Nokia, Milka, and so on.

    How do I choose the right logo?

    Choose a logo that represents your brand identity, appeals to your target audience and works across applications in color or black and white.

    What makes a bad logo?

    Cluttered logos, overly intricate graphics, hard-to-read fonts, and inappropriate or dated imagery are qualities that make a poor logo.

    How much does a logo cost?

    Logos can cost between $200-$500 from freelancers and design firms. Logos from top agencies may cost $2,000-$15,000 or more. DIY logos are free.

    How long does it take to design a logo?

    On Logowski, you can create a logo in just a couple of minutes. For a professional designer, the logo process of researching, sketching concepts and presenting finished designs can take 3-15 days.

    How creative can I get with a logo?

    Logos can be very creative using unusual fonts, negative space, unusual and simple graphic. But remember legibility and versatility for printing.

    How can I tell if my logo design is good?

    Analyze if your logo communicates your brand identity appropriately. Check that it's legible at different sizes, reproducible in color or B&W and looks distinct.

    What colors should a logo avoid?

    Avoid colors with unclear meaning for your brand. Fluorescent colors may be difficult to reproduce consistently across uses as well.

    What colors convey professionalism for logos?

    Classic blue, black, grays and dark reds convey professionalism. Bright colors may suit more creative brands while conveying unprofessionalism for traditional sectors.

    Is an expensive logo really better?

    Higher prices don't always equal better logos. Judged on design quality alone, DIY, freelance and professional logos can all be equally effective for a brand.

    What should you never do with a logo?

    Never stretch, warp or distort your logo proportions. Don't recolor it to colors outside your brand palette. Don't remove elements or alter the fonts.

    Can I edit my logo after receiving the files?

    If you've consulted a professional, you might not be able to edit the files (without access to and knowledge of professional graphic editors) on your own, only with the assistance of the designer and likely for an additional fee. However, if you've created a logo using our service, you can edit the logo without limitations and download the modified files at any time, free of charge.

    Do color choices impact how trendy or timeless a logo appears?

    Yes. Classical primary colors mixed with black and white feel timeless. Neon trend colors make logos at more at risk of appearing dated eventually unless strategically countercultural.

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