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    I like concise and simple logos without unnecessary graphics. There are plenty of them here. Clear editor.
    Marc DupontCSO
    I love simple yet elegant solutions, and on this service, I found exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!
    Brenda LeeCo-founder
    I was able to create a professional and unique logo in minutes. The extensive fonts and options allowed me to perfectly reflect my brand.
    Mason ParkerCEO

    Why Logowski?

    Easy-to-use editor

    An intuitive interface allows you to easily and quickly refine your chosen logo to perfection! Change fonts and colors in a second, choose new ideas, save drafts, download in one click.

    The best chances
    of registering a trademark

    In font logos, additional graphics are almost not used, the emphasis is on the name and shape of the font. Such a logo does not contain the author's graphics or symbol, which may be an obstacle to easy trademark registration, because this graphic can be used in other logos (already registered). Less problems - more chances of success!

    Font logos are the trend of the decade

    Many global brands (Uber, Barberry, Papa Johns etc) have abandoned additional graphics in the logo in favor of a font logo. There are simple reasons for this: a font logo is much more convenient to use and implement, it will fit well on the site, and will be readable in a mobile application. The store sign will cover a large area, making it more readable and larger. Strength in simplicity!

    Design your logo quickly!

    Need a brand name?
    Use our free AI name generator

    Why font logos?

    In the modern world, there are more and more possible sites for placing a logo, the advent of digital technologies has made its own adjustments: many different gadgets, different browsers, advertising screens of different formats.

    New technologies require us to be simple and flexible. These qualities can be provided by a font logo. There is nothing superfluous in it, which means it provides advantages:

    Logo styles

    The Modern style will suit the majority of logos aiming to reflect a contemporary approach
    The hard style showcases bold design, sharp angles, and strong typography, evoking strength and resilience
    The kids style of the font logo is perfect for children's industry but also adds an emotional touch to any endeavor
    The IT style logo designs is a great fit for technology companies or any business in the digital realm.
    Vintage-inspired logos exude timeless charm and evoke a sense of classic elegance
    Sweet logos bring delightful charm, making them a perfect for any brand seeking to evoke a sense of tasty and joy

    Design your logo quickly!

    Need a brand name?
    Use our free AI name generator

    Frequently asked Questions:

    How to pay?

    You can pay with both Credit or Debit Card, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay. We use the popular and secure payment system Paddle.

    In which currency can i pay?

    The price is listed in US dollars for universality. It doesn't matter what currency is on your bank card – the payment will go through, and the amount will be debited in dollars according to your bank's exchange rate.

    Is it free?

    Yes, we have a free plan! You can download any logo for free

    What is a vector format?

    A vector format of a logo refers to a file format that uses mathematical equations to define the shapes, lines, and colors of the logo. This format allows the logo to be scaled to any size without losing quality or clarity. On our service, you can obtain the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and PDF (Portable Document Format, a universal format).

    What is the PNG format with a transparent background?

    PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is a popular raster image format that supports lossless compression. It is commonly used for graphics and logos on the web. PNG files can have a transparent background, which means that the areas of the image that are marked as transparent are not displayed, allowing the background to show through. This feature is useful when you want to overlay the image on different backgrounds without any visible borders or backgrounds interfering with the overall design.

    How to download the logo?

    You can use the free plan and download the logo instantly, but only once. After upgrading to a paid plan, you can download the files from the website immediately after payment. The download button will turn golden.

    Why choose Logowski?

    On our service, we utilize simplistic icons with a focus on the typography aspect of the logo, making it more unique. This approach also facilitates easier trademark registration and ensures greater versatility in its usage.

    Do I have ownership of my logo design?

    We transfer of full rights for personal and commercial use to the extent permitted by the applicable law. You can try to register the logo as a trademark. If you seek a legally binding trademark and wish to safeguard your logo from unauthorized usage by others, we recommend reaching out to the copyright/trademark office in your country for further guidance.

    Made in Logowski

    Examples of cool brands made by our users

    Romeo Cafeteria

    Romeo Cafeteria

    USA, Los Angeles


    Poland, Kraków
    Bagama Mamas

    Bagama Mamas

    USA, San Jose
    Mirror Soft

    Mirror Soft

    USA, SF, Silicon valley
    Promt AI

    Promt AI

    Canada, Toronto


    Poland, Warsaw
    Baolina Cosmetics

    Baolina Cosmetics

    France, Montpelhièr
    Misha Clothes

    Misha Clothes

    Vietnam, Hochiminh city

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