The key to smart branding

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The key to smart branding

Smart branding can also be described as solid branding as it indicates a brand system that allows a company to express an essential thing of the brand. It is not only used as the virtual illustration of a company, product, and services, but it also incorporates all of the details about the company’s goal, purpose, identity, and ideology.

Though many factors contribute to innovative branding, consistency is the key that makes a brand well-managed and quickly accessible. Unfortunately,  brand consistency is overlooked in today’s world of numerous media outlets and the plenty of marketing materials available to promote your business. Many reasons indicate why consistency is the key to intelligent branding, some of which are discussed here.

Consistency leads to brand recognition

The most evident reason brand consistency is vital is that it leads to brand recognition. As a company,  you should always strive to be immediately recognizable by your target audience. If you are consistent in your messaging, you can stand out from your competitors, which is more valuable in a highly competitive and saturated market.

GAP changed the logo and received a lot of negative feedback. After 5 days, the GAP returned the old logo.

Consistent branding makes you unforgettable

If you want your brand to be memorable among your audience and especially across your different marketing channels, you need brand consistency. The more your audience sees your brand across various marketing channels, the will likely remember your business when deciding who to buy from.

They smile and just drink cola for over a hundred years.

Consistency in brand creates trust

For a successful brand, you need to be trustworthy because if you are not honest and consistent, you can't gain the trust of your customers. Consistency in brand marketing helps you generate a strong faith in your customers in your business. Your regularity, as well as cohesive voice and tone, reflects on your business, so for this, you want brand consistency to come off as trustworthy as possible.

Enhance your identity

When customers see and listen to a consistent message from your brand, it increases your distinctive selling proposition in their minds. By understanding what they can expect from your brand and hearing it multiple times, they begin to assign a higher value and trust in your business.

Consistent branding helps you beat your competition

Brand consistency can play a significant role when your company does business in a highly competitive, saturated market. So if you are being consistent in your messaging is a key that sets your set apart from your competitors. When consumers choose between several almost similar offers, brand consistency often hints at the difference between earning a customer’s business or losing them to the competition. It will help if you remember that improving brand consistency will lead to more brand recognition, customer trust, and positive acceptance by potential customers. These are all critical factors determining whether a customer chooses your brand over your competition. Brand consistency helps your company set apart from the rest, time and time again. 

How to achieve consistent branding

When you struggle to build your brand valuable and trustworthy, you need to assess how consistency works across all virtues of your identity, including messaging, tone, imagery, and delivery. These elements are the fundamental pillars of a consistent brand, and most brand managers need to be familiar with them and how it creates a powerful impact.


If you want to convey a consistent brand message to your customers, then you need to be clear in defining your position that also aligns with your core behaviors. If your actions are aligned with your message consistently, customers begin to develop trust and satisfaction in your products and services. Inauthentic or fake brand promise leads to customers' disappointment.


One element that most companies forget while developing their brand is a clear tone. Uneven tones result in delivering mixed messages to your customers. If you keep on switching your style, customers may generate fluctuating expectations about your product or service, making it more challenging for you to satisfy each customer every time they interact with you.

Graphics and design

Visual representation of your brand is perhaps the most prominent element in your brand consistency tool kit. Thoughtfully and strategically using brand elements helps create visibility and increases customer recognition and association. When customers know actually what to expect on the visual front, they will feel that they can trust your brand. You should consider having a seamless look for Your website and social media to attract customers. The same also applies to your product packaging and your marketing materials. You need to use colors should attract customers, the font you use should appeal to demographics as well as the layout of your website leaves a memorable impression of your brand on customers.

Delivery of your brand

Further to these fundamental elements, the delivery of your brand through timing and across channels significantly contributes to the consistency of experience. The choice of media,  as well as the frequency of contact, create a momentum of communication. To make it more effective, your company needs to research to recognize better the kinds and amount of contact that your customers prefer. 


If you look at the best brands such as Apple, Google, and Netflix, they owe their success to consistency. Visit any websites they have online, and you'll realize how they made consistency their top priority. In the same way, if you look at their visual presence, it alone dictates their unique personality even without logos and names. 
There is no reason why your brand should not be the same. It takes a couple of deep insights into your business and your customer and translating that through a detailed brand guideline, then you are ready to uplift your business.

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