The 7 C's of branding

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7c branding

Business management has become one of the most problematic tasks in the modern business environment. Global markets have become increasingly crowded. The competition is getting stronger with each passing day. Millions of new businesses are reaching the market every year, developing congestion in prevailing market channels. Therefore, many stakeholders depend on limited market potential. The market is not extending at the same speed as businesses are. That is why marketing strategies oblige to be innovative and more comprehensive to produce positive results.

Marketing has become an essential business function, directing success for businesses. Competitive marketing strategies mean continuous customer acquisition and steady sales
When creating a marketing strategy, it is essential to imply the 7Cs of branding that are customers, convenience, competition, communication, consistency, creative content, and credibility. These seven components will direct your marketing strategy and serve as suggestions for the most critical aspects of a successful marketing strategy. If you have just started your or are already established, referring to these 7Cs of branding can assist you in developing a new marketing strategy or modifying an underperforming existing one. 

1. Customers

A company’s branding strategy must be focused on its customers. It is essential to recognize your consumer profile together with demographic and psychographic. You need to understand and believe your customer as a person and not just a target market. Once you have succeeded in identifying who your potential customers are, then it will enable you to develop a marketing plan that captivates them by aligning your promotional content with their attractions and goals.

Understanding your potential customers helps you target advertisements that correlate with their preferred choices. This must be a continuous process if businesses wish to succeed because it will also generate brand loyalty among their customers.

2. Convenience

Accessibility is a significant factor in deciding whether customers will connect with your services or not. Creating a meticulous branding strategy that efficiently delivers your brand's message and promotes the ease with which potential clients can connect with your company is hugely effective to your business. Convenience in a marketing strategy incorporates ensuring all touchpoints for consumers are valuable and straightforward to navigate. Working on this strategy will ascertain clients to commission your services and improve the efficiency of your marketing efforts. Therefore it is necessary to focus on the convenience you provide to your clients.

3. Competition

The essence of an effective marketing strategy lies in realizing how to differentiate your brand from competitors. Knowing your competition and discovering differentiation methods is critical for a successful marketing strategy. Most of the time, comparing your competitors and finding issues within their business model or mode of operation can emphasize areas to improve within your own business. Your success depends on segregating your brand from competitors, so generating a solid understanding of your competition is crucial when creating a marketing strategy.

4. Communication

Though communication may look different from a marketing strategy, it is significant to successful branding. Every aspect of your business is part of your marketing strategy, including communication. Effective communication with customers is essential in developing and maintaining a reputable brand image that will resonate with the audience. Assuring that communications with clients are precise and productive will assist you in marketing your brand as credible and as a business that admires its audience and their time. Frequently being accessible for your clients is crucial in a successful marketing strategy. Often, the best branding comes from positive reviews, which will happen if your clients feel respected and appreciated. Therefore, proper communication informs, educates, and convinces the target customers, which ultimately gains the target customer’s trust.

5. Consistency

Consistency conforms to the processes that should be considered when developing your brand. Your content should always reflect your brand's true identity and be published at a specific frequency. Additionally, it is not sufficient to appear in the media once and wish your brand prosper while becoming a thought leader. Consistency will form your brand recognizable to customers and will ensure that your business stands ahead of competitors while boosting brand awareness and recognition. Consistency, endurance, and patience are essential for effective branding.

6. Creativity

Another important aspect is your creativity in fulfilling and designing a brand to differentiate your business and incite interest in your brand. It is not easy to present your business creatively to attract more potential customers. It will also define your brand as efficient and innovative, stimulating intrigue among potential customers. Giving creative content a priority within your business will also guarantee that you are continuously engaged in your marketing efforts and sustain an eagerness to grow, discover, and change, which will help your business succeed. 

7. Credibility

The most crucial element of the 7Cs of branding is creating and maintaining credibility among your customers. Credibility connotes creativity, which is mostly what potential customers are seeking. Establishing and maintaining credibility is a complicated task, but once accomplished will ensure that your brand sustains and remains blooming. Being a reliable resource for clients will increase referrals, customers returning, and build a positive brand image. Credibility is essential and will be massively valuable in any long-term marketing strategy.


Employing and evaluating these branding elements continuously can yield the results you desire. This information is also a unique method to review with your marketing professionals to ensure correct application while creating additional strategies for your business growth. Stability in branding is indeed an essential element for success.
The 7Cs of a branding play an essential role in creating an excellent marketing strategy lead to a better understanding of what should be your branding strategy.

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