The Motivation Myth: What You Really Need to Know to Increase Your Motivation

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Motivation Myth

Motivation propels us to make things happen but staying motivated isn’t always easy. Because it is crucial to success, it is straightforward to realize why this is such a heated topic in so many various fields. Professionals are always looking for new ways to improve motivation. Sometimes it is effortless to get motivated, and you discover yourself wrapped up in a whirlwind of warmth. While other times, it is almost impossible to determine how to motivate yourself.

Some Common Myths about motivation

One of the most dramatic misconceptions about motivation is that it often arrives after starting a new attitude, not before. We have this common myth that inspiration comes from passively absorbing a motivational video or studying an inspirational book. Though, active provocation can be a far more powerful motivator.

Mostly motivation is the result of an action, not the cause of it. Getting initiated, even in small ways, is a kind of active inspiration that naturally produces rhythm. You do not require ample motivation once you have started a behavior. Almost all of the resistance in a task is at the beginning. After you commence, growth occurs more inherently. In other words, it is often more lenient to complete a job than it was to start it in the initial place. Therefore, one of the keys to getting motivated is making it easy to begin.

How to increase motivation

Many ideas suggest increasing motivation and sustaining it for a more extended period. But here are some essential tips that will help you improve your motivation.

Establish goals that attract you

The first and foremost thing to consider if you want to stay motivated is to set a goal for yourself. After assigning an objective,  you make a verdict to work in a way that will help you accomplish what you want. Goals guide you to focus on measurable ones and have an endpoint. Doing so will help you to stay motivated and focused.

Additionally, invest your time in selecting goals that interest you most. You are more inclined to stay energized if you struggle towards something that you like to do or achieve instead of what other people want for you.

Discover Your “Whys”

Find the significance in what you’re performing so that you can identify why you need to keep moving. Is it boosting you to accomplish a larger goal or assisting others somehow? You will feel more empowered and devoted when you recognize the benefits and the meaning of a task.

Create a Schedule and follow it accordingly

Motivation can not be increased until you set a schedule for your activities. We have to put our goals and determine modes that will keep us on the right track. They contribute a vital format that will keep us going, irrespective of how we are feeling or thinking on any given day,  nearly automating the complex stuff we have to do.

Therefore, set dedicated durations to work on your objectives. Please arrange them in your calendar, and do not commit anything for those times.

Plot your development

When you are struggling towards achieving your goals, it can be motivating if you see proof that you’re making progress. Plot or create a visual manifestation of how you are coming closer to accomplishing the goal you have set for yourself.

Enjoy your small victories and reward yourself 

If you continuously wait for long-term returns, you ignore how vital all the little wins are. And it can be troublesome to remain motivated and on top of things if there is no reward in sight. Delight yourself with minor things, and do not misjudge how pleasing it can feel to acknowledge small promotions. Promise yourself some reward each time you complete a step/task.

Look after Yourself and think positively

Keep a check on your struggles and reward yourself along the way. Fill up on mood-boosting foods, such as fruits and vegetables, dairy, and meat. Do things you admire, listen to motivating music, and recall how far you have come.

Confine yourself with positive people who will support you to get in the zone. If you lose, always look for learning recourses rather than staying on the negatives.

Listen and follow motivational speakers

There are so many encouraging persons out there who can help you to motivate yourself. Search for an entrepreneur, instructor, entertainer, or politician you find inspiring? By doing so, You can learn how people you idolize remain motivated and relate the speeches to your own life.

Get help from Mentors

It feels great to want to create your path. But prosperous, motivated people understand that everyone wants a hand along the way. So, look for a mentor, or more than one, and take time regularly to speak about your objectives and receive motive from somebody who has been in the same field and who knows how to lead it.

Additionally, talk to your colleagues, your supervisor, friends, and family, too, as mentors do not have to be professionals to support you and propose you a sounding board.

Realizing other people have got your back will stimulate your morale, give you a new stance, and help you retain a sense of guidance.


In short, You do not need to wait for motivation to strike you. But you do have to struggle to remain on track. Take effort, set your goals, and be engaged with your routine. Also, be flexible; mostly, we surrender on goals because we are unwilling to spoil our actual expectations. Constantly speculate about your “whys” and what you are learning. And when you feel something is not in favor of you, feel free to alter direction.

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