7 Video Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

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7 Video Marketing Tips
Video marketing has come a long way in recent times. With the increasing trend of people watching videos on social media, it is no wonder that most businesses are looking to implement video marketing strategies for their Business.

Video marketing is having a huge impact on businesses in today's society. With the increase in social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook, there are unlimited options for sharing videos with your audience. However, not everyone utilizes video marketing correctly because they don't fully understand how this strategy affects their Business. Here are some reasons why

Here are 5 important reasons for your Business's video marketing.

Increased Brand Recognition

Studies have shown that more than 80% of customers who had viewed a branded video were likely to remember the brand. This is because, unlike text, videos stick in our memory for longer durations. People are also more likely to socialize through videos with their friends, meaning that it becomes easier for new people to be introduced to your products and services via word of mouth. 

Improved Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Videos receive substantially higher CTRs compared to static images or written content. On average, 50% more users click on videos than other web content types. Additionally, YouTube has the highest CTR among the top three search engines. This is because videos have a very high probability of being watched to completion, unlike text-based content.

Improved Conversion Rate

It has been proven that people are more likely to buy products that they have spent time watching a video about rather than simply reading about it. Additionally, videos help better understand the product or service being sold, leading to increased conversions and sales figures. Furthermore, customers who used video marketing as part of their buying process were 70% more likely to make additional purchases from the same company within six months.

Greater Reach

Videos can be easily shared across multiple social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, with links to your site. Sharing videos that promote your Business can help reach a wider audience who may become future customers. This is because it helps establish thought leadership and authority in your field, boosting brand awareness.

Improved Search Engine Rankings

Videos help boost the SEO of your website by increasing its chances of being indexed on search engines like Google and Bing by 60%. According to studies, websites with videos rank 11 times higher than sites without video content. This is because videos provide more information about a product or service and indicate greater customer satisfaction levels.

7 video Marketing tips that could benefit your small Business

So you want to use video marketing for your small business, but the whole process seems intimidating and complicated. Well, it doesn't need to be! With a little bit of know-how and preparation, anyone can create great videos with very little cost. So without further ado, here are seven video marketing tips for your small business:

1. Make an identity for your company - 

Many small businesses struggle with having a consistent look across all their materials, including their website and business cards. Videos are no exception to this rule; you need to make sure that your video looks like part of the same package as all your other marketing efforts but doesn't seem like a cheap knock-off.

2. Start with the Conclusion in mind -

 While some businesses like to make videos and then hope they go viral, it is usually better to start with a strategic approach that includes goals for your video marketing efforts at the end. For example, try answering questions like "How will this video help me sell more product X?" or "How will this video help me get more new subscribers and Facebook likes?" By knowing the answer to this question ahead of time, you can ensure that your videos meet your end goals.

3. Use subtitles and transcriptions - 

It is essential for any video intended for sharing across social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to include subtitles and a transcript. This is because people with hearing disabilities can sometimes view these videos, and you need to make sure that all your video content is accessible to everyone.

4. Record quality audio - 

This should go without saying, but having poor audio quality in your video is just as bad as having poor video quality; neither one will help you achieve your goals! Instead, try investing in a good quality microphone and recording in a quiet room; this simple technique will ensure that your viewers hear what you are saying.

5. Get creative with video editing - 

One of the biggest complaints about videos is that they take too long to watch, and businesses need to find ways around this. Look into various video editing techniques like fast-motion, slow motion, jump cuts, and split screens; these tricks will allow you to edit your videos so that they are engaging and fun for people to watch!

6. Make a lot of videos! - 

This may seem contradictory to what we just discussed in number 4, but the truth of the matter is that people get bored quickly watching the same video over and over again. Make several videos on different topics to give viewers more options for what they want to see. Be sure to vary your content every time you publish a new video so that people can watch something fun and unique!

7. Add annotations - 

This simple technique allows viewers to click on links within the video itself, rather than having them go out of the video and to another web page. This is an easy way for viewers to learn more about your product or service without ever leaving the page they are on!


In the digital age, video marketing is one of the most efficient ways to reach a large audience and build your brand identity. It’s also time-consuming, which can be daunting for small business owners who have limited resources. We want you to succeed in this competitive marketplace so we compiled seven video marketing tips that will help give you a boost in sales while keeping everything manageable on your end.

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