How To Make A Logo – Options And Cost

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A logo is the most important part of any brand's identity. Typically, it's the first thing a potential buyer sees, so choosing a logo that stands out from the competition is key. However, how much to pay for a logo design? Just like any other business expense, you should weigh the cost of logo design against the quality and value you will obtain.

Hiring a professional designer or design agency ensures that your final logo design has to be unique and properly conveys your perfect brand's message. There are multiple ranges of logo design price points and packages, just like any other service, and it's crucial to know what you're getting—or not getting—for your money.

4 Methods for Creating a Logo

1. Design Consultancies

One way to get your logo made is to hire a professional design or branding agency, which generally offers a whole branding package as part of the price. Design agencies frequently conduct market research and competitor analysis to see how your brand might stand out positively. Agencies employ creative teams, and they will approach your project from all perspectives, assuring detailed work backed up by commercial data.

One of the most important barriers to engaging a design agency is, of course, the cost. Brand identification packages (including a logo) with an agency start at around $10,000, often out of reach for small businesses. Furthermore, not all government agencies are created equal. Therefore, you should research their work, style, and client fulfilment, just like you would if you were employing a freelance designer.

Examine the company's reputation and customer feedback before making a decision, and ensure the degree of competence matches your needs. Use Google Maps to locate the nearest branding agency.

2. Freelancer

Using a freelance designer can be a fantastic experience because you get a professional to customize your logo based on your input. However, a wide variety of experience translates to an extensive range of costs and work quality. If you want to work one-on-one with a designer, you need thoroughly vet them. It's crucial to look at their portfolios and testimonials, and having a direct suggestion from someone you trust is even better.

Consider the following factors when hiring a freelancer:

  • how they charge (hourly vs per project)
  • how many years of experience they have

In general, someone with a proven track record will give you a higher quote. They will also provide you with a full breakdown of what you will receive for your money.
The designer's experience level determines the price of such services. Beginners might charge between $200 and $800 on average, while seasoned pros can charge $800 and $2000. The time spent on the project (ask about the rate, hourly or per project) and the number of iterations is significant. You must explicitly state your TOR to achieve the intended result.

3. Logo Maker 

Making your logo is the most cost-effective choice. So there you have it if you're a trained designer who knows your way around Illustrator. If you're not, you'll be directed to a logo maker.

Here we have multiple advantages for hiring a Logo maker:

  • You don't have to go through numerous emails and phone calls to your design team to make one simple design because the logo making software is simple to use.
    It's a time-saving process; for example, if you're a new business and need a logo quickly, contacting a designer will take a few days, whereas using the free logo maker, you can create your design in minutes.
  • Because the logo maker is so user-friendly, you won't need any special skills to create your logo. Within minutes, you can make numerous free revisions to your design.
  • The benefit that outweighs all other benefits is that it is completely free; nothing compares to that. You not only save time, but you also save money.
  • You have complete and total control over how your logo looks, feels, and communicates your brand when you design it with a logo maker.
  • You won't have to worry about any of that if you create your own logo with a logo maker. Because you're the only one who worked on the logo, there's no risk of copyright transfers or ripoffs.
  • Use a logo maker if you need a logo right now. It's the only way to ensure you get exactly what you require as quickly as possible.
  • Businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, individuals, and anyone else can design a logo for free online in just a few minutes using a free logo maker website. It's a very simple process, and there are numerous websites that provide free logo maker services.

4. Contest for a logo

A logo design contest combines the predictability of flat-fee pricing with a wide range of design alternatives for your logos, commissioning several design concepts from a global community of designers, giving you dozens of unique logo designs. In addition, you get the ability to connect with designers and give comments on different versions of their designs during the contest (which usually takes one to two weeks to finish), so you can help shape the end product.

Logo packages at 99designs vary from $299 to $1299, allowing businesses of all sizes to invest in a professionally created logo. Consider how much time you'll have and how much experience you have drafting briefs and working with designers when choosing a logo contest package. Contact us for a design consultation if you're still undecided.
In short, how do you choose a logo design method?

First and foremost, concentrate on your budget, deadlines, and expectations.

The following will be the main criteria:


Choose online generators or independent development with graphic editors if your budget for branding is less than $100. If you have more budget to spend, use freelancers or branding firms.


Using internet services to generate a logo is the quickest way to do so. The most time-consuming aspect will be working with agencies.


Illustrator or ordering from a designer if you can supply him with precise TOR is the greatest option for individuals who know exactly what they want. If you are unsure what type of logo you require, the best alternative is to use internet services that allow you to select from a variety of ready-made templates.


Do you need a simple logo or a whole corporate identity package? Start with internet generators where a modest version of the logo can be downloaded for free if you don't require the full-service bundle.

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